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Malta – Friendly Notes




The Maltese archipelago lies virtually at the centre of the Mediterranean, 93 km south of Sicily and 288 km north of Africa.

Malta is best known as a sun and sea destination…more than 300 sunny days a year and is surrounded by clear blue waters, some of the cleanest in the Mediterranean, and is much enjoyed by visiting swimmers, snorkellers and divers.

The archipelago consists of three islands: Malta, Gozo and Comino.

Malta is the largest island and the cultural, commercial and administrative centre.

Gozo is the second largest island and is more rural, characterised by fishing, tourism, crafts and agriculture.

Comino, the smallest of the trio, has one hotel and is largely uninhabited.

Plan your trip and…Enjoy your stay!

Official website – Visit Malta  https://www.visitmalta.com/en/home

History & Art

Starting with its unique prehistoric temples, some of the oldest stone buildings in the world, it also has Roman catacombs, medieval towns, and the extraordinary architectural and artistic legacy of the Knights of St John (the Knights of Malta).
A place you must visit when in Malta connected with the History of Art is the masterpiece made by Caravaggio in the St.John’s Co-Cathedral and Museum of Valletta.
St John’s Co-Cathedral is a gem of Baroque art and architecture. It was built as the conventual church for the Knights of St John. The Grand Masters and several knights donated gifts of high artistic value and made enormous contributions to enrich it with only the best works of art. This church is till this very day an important shrine and a sacred place of worship. It is also a venue for cultural events.

Official website – St John’s Co-Cathedral  https://www.stjohnscocathedral.com/it/


Valletta has many titles, all recalling its rich historical past. It is the “modern” city built by the Knights of St John; a masterpiece of the Baroque; a European Art City and a World Heritage City. Today, it is one of the most concentrated historic areas in the world.

The city is busy by day, yet retains a timeless atmosphere by night, that gives the feeling that you are walking back in time. The grid of narrow streets boasts some of Europe’s finest art works, churches and palaces.


Gozo Island is known to provide a tranquil haven for a tempo and scene change. The charm of Malta’s sister Island is immediately apparent; it’s greener, more rural and smaller, with life’s rhythms dictated by the seasons, fishing and agriculture.

Steeped in myth, Gozo is thought to be the legendary Calypso’s isle of Homer’s Odyssey – a peaceful, mystical backwater. Baroque churches and old stone farmhouses dot the countryside. Gozo’s rugged landscape and spectacular coastline await exploration with some of the Mediterranean’s best dive sites.

Situated between Malta and Gozo, the smaller island of Comino is a paradise for snorkelers, divers, windsurfers and ramblers.

Only 3.5 square kilometers, Comino is car-free and apart from one hotel, is virtually uninhabited.

The island’s main attraction is the Blue Lagoon. In summer, this sheltered inlet of shimmering aquamarine water over white sand is very popular with day-trippers. Other beaches on the island include Santa Marija Bay and San Niklaw Bay.

Comino is also worth a visit in winter, and is ideal for walkers and photographers.

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As well as being an exclusive pool on the Mediterrean sea in the day, Cafe del Mar is also famous for the huge amount of events held there. It’s no wonder really, as it’s the perfect setting! Incredibly high class, it just exudes luxury! Many people on the island choose to hold events and preview shows here and lots of international musical artists and DJs head here too.
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