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Educational Tour of Rome

Educational Tour can be an exciting time, but knowing what to expect will save you a lot of trouble and ensure a successful study experience!

Today, millions of people travel to Rome each year to experience the life of the ancient Roman Empire. With priceless ancient attractions, Rome boasts arguably the best sightseeing in the world. The Italian capital also offers modern thrills, with an unmatched fashion scene, a remarkable number of cultural events and a laid-back atmosphere.

For more than 500 years Rome was the art focus of the Western World, challenge your students to imagine what ancient Roman life was really like! Walk through the Forum, be amazed by the Colosseum, visit temples, arches and arenas to enhance understanding of Roman architecture, urban planning and everyday life.

The Personalized Programs of RomeTour24 have a high level of student-teacher interaction. As class sizes are considerably smaller, teachers can dedicate more time to every student. Feel free to ask questions and share your insights. Practical activities will test your social and group-work skills, and encourage you to share your thoughts with the other students.

You will be engaging in a wide variety of learning activities such as:

  • History of Art
  • Photography
  • Workshops
  • Cooking classes
  • Discussions
  • Photo projects
  • Real life scenarios
  • Daily excursions

The Educational tour of RomeTour24 provide activities that enable you to get acquainted with the cultural life in the country…visit museums, attend concerts or participate in local events.

Feel free to plan and personalize your Educational tour with our Friendly Concierge Service


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